Too Jew or not to Jew(ish)

jewfro problems

Most people, when they hit puberty experience a growth spurt. You know, one day you wake up and that skirt that reached your ankles is now at your knees and you beam with pride knowing that you can now make it onto all those restricted carnival rides. Me on the other had, I made it onto those carnival rides, for a totally different reason.

It seemed to happen instantly. One day I woke up and my wavy locks had puffed out like a proud peacock into a curled mess, growing a full three inches in height. And not curls like you see on those shampoo commercials, no – Holy curls of mass destruction.  I had woken up with what we jews like to call a Jewfro.

A Jewfro is not a bouncy set of glamorous curls. A Jewfro is a tangled web of curls that fight like weeds to reach the sun by pointing out in all directions of no uniformity. Unruly, unrelenting and totally unforgiving. And if that wasn’t torture enough, the accompanying frizz made it almost impossible, for a 13-year-old me who tried so hard to fit in with her sleek haired friends,  to tame.

I became ashamed of my hair heritage and tried to hide it. Obsessed with product and scared of the weather, the wind, and like a Kosher kitchen during Passover, no water came near my head without permission in fear of the disaster and doom that would ensue.  I avoided the beach, the pools and washed my hair in secret. As no product could fully hide my Mr Hyde hair – leaving me feeling worried that I could blow (puff out) at any moment.

It wasn’t until I started watching the OC and fell in love with Seth Green that I started to notice so many other Jewfros being worn with pride – Like Carrie Bradshaw fashion diva who so stylishly swished her curls around New York. Jewfros were being flaunted and adored.  If they could be fabulous, famous and wear their jewfro with such finesse, surely so could I!

It was then that I started to fall in love my wayward jewish locks. I took them to the beach, I took them to the pool, on dates and flaunted them for the world to see in rain and shine. They are a part of me, and they make me beautiful – albeit not as famous – and I wear them with pride.
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