Summer Holiday Beach Hair

Summer Holiday Beach Hair

Summer Holiday Beach Hair

By Tasha

It’s the summer holidays! Some of us will be jetting off to sunnier climes for a much deserved break and guaranteed warmth, sea and sand.  Much as this sounds like paradise, for the curly-haired traveller this may all just translate to “humidity”, which in turn means “frizz”. Or it could spark a little anxiety over the possibility of dry and crispy curls, which I am sure no curly girl (or guy) wants.

When I go on holiday, the last thing I want to do is get stressed over my hair. I go on holiday to relax therefore I take a chilled approach to hair care and hair styling.  I also try to use the elements and my surroundings to my advantage. Here’s how I do it.


Love that salty sea water

I have discovered that sea water is a great styling product.  Being water, it washes out any hair products so that my hair returns to its natural curly state. My instinct when in the water is to comb through my hair with my fingers.  When I leave the sea, the salt sets the curl so that I end up with matte curls that stay in place. Sea water is a great way to style my hair using only what nature has provided – no chemicals at all.  It replaces the need for curl crème and hairspray leaving a bit more space in my suitcase for those all-important souvenirs.

If you’re not going to be near the sea, you can buy “beach hair” sprays or salt sprays to mimic the effect of sea water. It’s much more convenient than bottling water from the North Sea or English Channel and spraying that into my hair.


Cleanse those curls

Although I love what sea water does for my hair, there is more than pure water and salt in there!  When it gets to the evening when I might eat dinner or simply go to bed, I need to wash the sea (and everything else) out of my hair first. I used to use a traditional shampoo and conditioner but this can be damaging for dry, curly hair on a daily basis. Now, when I next take a beach break, I’ll bring a cleansing conditioner with me as it is gentle on the hair and perfectly suited for daily hair washes after each dip in the sea.


Condition, condition, condition

Chances are, if you are in the sea, you are in a hot country. It might also be quite humid so to protect against dryness and frizz, a leave-in conditioner is a must.   Also, if you’re not using a cleansing conditioner and have gone the traditional shampoo and conditioner route, make sure the conditioner is mega-moisturising.


Slap on that hair oil

As added protection against the elements and frizz, especially for the ends of my hair, I use lots of hair oil.  I use much more than I would do at home. You might call it “greasy” but on holiday I call it “wet-look”. When my hair is likely to get baked in the sun or battered from swimming pool chlorine, I give it protection and moisture before I hit it with those extremes. I don’t care if my hair looks wet before I enter the pool, because it will definitely look wet by the time I get out.  If I can’t relax whilst on holiday, where else will I do it?


Protect those ends

A quick and easy way to style hair, wet or dry, is to put it in a bun or a top knot. A curly bun or top knot looks gorgeously sleek and only takes seconds to achieve. No one will know it didn’t take you hours of curling and sculpting. It also protects the ends of the hair from drying out in the sun or from going frizzy in the humidity, as they are tucked under the bun.  I like to do this when it is windy so my hair doesn’t get in my face and obscure the beautiful view, or, if I’m having lunch on the beach so the water doesn’t drip from my hair on to my food.



Try out some or all of these tips for happy curls and a stress free break. Enjoy!


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