Satin Lined Caps

Satin Lined Caps

Satin-lined caps or SLAPS, as we call them for short, are a perfect solution for keeping your hair in place throughout the night and the day! Many of our customers have switched from using traditional satin scarfs to using our SLAPS caps range as hair stays in place, remains moisturised and hydrated. The SLAPS caps keep your hair protected from dryness and tangle-free too which can save a lot of time in the morning. You can go to sleep and feel confident that the cap will remain in place and keep your curls and hair soft rather than waking up in the middle of the night trying to fix the scarf or du-rag back on your head.

The SLAPS caps is perfect for any type of hair including natural hair, treated hair, curly hair or straight hair. The beanie cap is a perfect addition to your natural hair care routine. Once you have conditioned and treated your hair, put on the SLAPS cap and feel confident that your hair will remain protected and the conditioning and hair treatment will continue to work without you having to worry.
They are made from Rayon and Spandex on the outside and Satin and Elastin in the interior. It is important to wash it twice for best results before the first use as the fabric may bleed when using with hair that is wet or damp from water or oils.
The SLAPS caps are beanie caps that have been lined with satin and are perfect to wear in the day or through the night. They are stylish so look perfect matched with your casual attire and come in various range of colours to suit every complexion. These slouchy beanies also help you maintain a stylish look for those times when you need to rush out of the house … when no one but you needs to know what’s going on underneath that cap.

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Reasons why my3beauties Stocks SLAPS

With the satin-lined interior and elastic band, they wanted to create something that combines style, comfort and functionality. It protects your hair while you’re out while you sleep!

Wear a satin-lined cap(slap) on the days when no one but you needs to know what’s going on under there.

Wave goodbye to the dryness that comes from cotton pillowcases and headrests absorbing the moisture from your hair. The satin lining helps keep your hair moisturised while the elastic band keeps the SLAP in place all night.

The morning frizz and the annoying tangles that come from friction between your head and a cotton pillowcase are no more. The satin lining in the SLAP helps to combat those unwanted knots.

Keep your straightened hair for longer by wearing the SLAP. The satin lining helps to avoid the frizzes that come from resting your head on harsh fabrics like cotton.