Autumn 2015 Hair Trends for Curly Hair.

Autumn 2015 Hair Trends for Curly Hair.

Autumn 2015 Hair Trends for Curly Hair

By Tasha

Here are a few hair trends inspired by the catwalk and re-imagined for curly hair.

The Embellished Hairband

The Embellished Hairband

The embellished hairband can be the perfect accessory or a complete disaster for curly hair.  It all depends on your curl type, hair length, size and type of the embellishment and whether or not it is a windy day.  The last one on the list is very important, believe me, as the owner of hair which has the ability to engulf hair adornments and get into a hopeless tangle with my 2b-2c-3a hair.

If you have long hair, fine hair or loosely curled hair, try this trend by wearing your hair in a messy high ponytail or mid-height ponytail. The placement of the hairband is important.  Too far forward and it will look more like a tiara.  Too far back and the jewels will be hidden. If you use it to hold your hair back, it will look too school-girl. Place it so it can be seen with a grown-up “curly hair don’t care” vibe, exuding a nonchalant attitude to your hair jewellery.

The ponytail looks surprisingly sleek and sophisticated and it means you can wear any sized embellishment, large or small, without the wind wrecking it all.

If you have long, tight curls, pull them back into a wavy bun or ponytail.  It will look ultra-pretty with the addition of a hairband with small or medium-sized embellishment.

The key to achieving the look is to have contrasting textures.   Your curls will frame the hairband and the hair that the band sits on will be nice and smooth so the hairband can really shine.  If you have shorter hair or a natural afro, comb it backwards and secure with a plain hairband and clips in the same colour as your hair, to create the smoothness on top of the head and the texture further back as a halo to the hairband.  Then pop the embellished hairband somewhere between your forehead and the first hairband.


The Prada Ponytail


The Prada Ponytail

I loved this look on the runway- a high ponytail on mid-length to long hair secured to the side of the head with a giant clip and worn with tons of attitude. This style would work in the wind where the embellished hairband would not. Although it was at the Spring/Summer 2016 show, I’m not waiting for next year to rock this look.

Although all of the Prada models wore this with straight hair, this would look good on long curly or wavy hair.  The key to this look is to keep the ponytail smooth and contained.

Apply gel or a flexible mouse all over the hair to make sure not a single hair is out of place.  Secure your hair in a high ponytail with a band the same colour as your hair in the middle of your head, then drape the ponytail over the front of your head to hide the hairband.  Sweep the ponytail to one side and secure the middle of it to the side of your head, just above your ear, using a giant embellished hair clip.  Tease the hair above the clip out along the side of the head so the ponytail covers one side. Curly hair has a tendency to fan out at the ends so if your hair does this underneath the clip, just pull the ponytail back together and secure at the end with a smaller hair adornment.


The Asymmetric Afro (for non-afro hair)


The Asymmetric Afro

This style is all about volume and is the complete opposite of sleek. Gareth Pugh had models wearing voluminous, asymmetrically cut wigs for his spring 2016 show, all on straight hair. For curly girls, the best way to get this look is to have your hair styled with a side-part with lots of layers cut in, but this will need a permanent commitment to quite a bold style.

If you don’t want to cut your hair, try Alexander McQueen’s fall 2015 look. Hair was backcombed and sculpted into asymmetry – hair looked like it had already been exposed to the wind and rain so there’s no need to worry about hair being out of place!

The easiest way to achieve this with curly hair is to brush it in the normal way when it is dry, with little or no product at all.  If it is anything like my hair, it will instantly frizz with volume. If not, tip your head upside down and brush it.  If you have hair which obediently smooths as you brush it, backcomb it instead.  Once you have the desired volume, frizz and general look of being completely undone, tease and clip the hair into place in an asymmetric style.  It’s easiest to do this by starting with a side parting and working out and around the head.


You will need very healthy hair to recover from this extreme look.   If you do try it, to get your hair back to normal, wash it and carefully comb it while wet.  If you have damaged hair already though, don’t try this at home!


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